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This last week we just launch! It’s still on beta version but already operating. It’s a mixel martial arts store that operates in the Arab United Emirates and that is expanding internationally. New technology, design and editorial strategy has been developed for this application.

Go and check it out for yourself.

Mon Carré Paris

Mon Carré Paris is a french product that recently started its operations outside of the EU. is helping them to develop a simple but powerful online strategy using a diverse set of tools to start their new online marketing campaign for this season 2011- 2012. If you are looking for a quality product  to give as a present this winter, this may be for you.

Visit the site!

Global Sports Forum Barcelona

Officially supported by the City of Barcelona, the Global Sports Forum Barcelona is an exchange platform attracting a wide range of personalities from the world of sport. Thanks to its unique emphasis on the position of sport at the heart of modern society, the Forum is a place where people come together and debate issues, the aim being to highlight sport in all its dimensions: economic, social, political and cultural.

The Global Sports Forum Barcelona represents a magnificent opportunity to come together and make the most of a truly international platform.

Chief Digital Officer

Definitely things are changing fast and much more in this digital age in which we live. In the management structure of a traditional company, we find that the most common chain of command is structured by the positions of the CEO, CFO and CTO. However we can find now the relatively new term known as CDO: Chief Digital Officer (Don’t look for it at the Wiki yet…).