Chief Digital Officer

Definitely things are changing fast and much more in this digital age in which we live. In the management structure of a traditional company, we find that the most common chain of command is structured by the positions of the CEO, CFO and CTO. However we can find now the relatively new term known as CDO: Chief Digital Officer (Don’t look for it at the Wiki yet…).

To give a good example of the important role that this position can have, the city of New York and in particular its Mayor Michael Bloomberg has assigned to Rachel Sterne the CDO position. The 27-year-old entrepreneur has become the city’s first “Chief Digital Officer.” She is the founder of a citizen news site GroundReport. The Wall Street Journal told she’s “so excited” because “roles like this did not exist just five, six, seven years ago.” But lets add something to this information, Is she the right person to drive a position such as this one? Well, lets wait and see what she’s up to! Good luck!

You can follow her at:!/rachelsterne

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